L2sw network grand opening tomorrow!

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    Our Website : WWW.L2SW.EU

    2 Servers will be available on test mode till the grand opening

    There Are still Daily Updates!

    Custom Server Information:

    Server Rates:
    RateXp = 10000
    RateSp = 5000
    RatePartyXp = 3
    RatePartySp = 3
    RateDropAdena = 3000

    Enchant Rates:
    Max ++ with Normal Scrolls is +20
    Max ++ with Blessed Scrolls is +20
    Max ++ with Crystal Scrolls is +25
    Chance For Normal Scrolls - 80%
    Chance For Blessed Scrolls - 95%
    Chance For Crystal Scrolls - 100%

    Augment Rates:
    High Level LifeStone 15%
    Top Level LifeStone 25%
    1 Augmentation Per Weapon
    Augmentation Skill Time = 43 Minutes

    Server Info:
    Starting Adena: 2kk
    Starting Level: 40
    Working Olympiad ( 1 Week Period )
    Full Buffer (Buffs Last For 3 Hours)
    Custom Vesper Weapons
    Custom Dark Knight armors
    Custom Hats
    Custom Tattoos
    5 RaidBosses
    S grade From Level 1
    PvP Color System! Name Color Changes At (100) (350) (500) (650) (1000) PvP's
    Killing Spree System! (When a Player Hits an A-beep-t of PvP's an announcement appears)
    Anti Heavy System ( Tanks can't wear Light Armors, Mages can't wear Light,Heavy Armors, Fighters can't wear Heavy Armors)
    WarLegend Aura System ( Hero aura appears after 10 PvP's without dieing)

    NoCustom Server Information:

    NoCustom Server
    Server type PVP
    Rates: 5000x 5000x 50x 10000x
    Enchant Simple: 66%
    Blessed: 100%
    Max weapon/armor 16/18
    Working Olympiad
    GmShop, Bufferi
    Buff time: 9 hours
    No quests (prof, sub, noble etc.)

    More info
    Voice command: .menu - all configs for you!
    .rank - show your rank, also you can check other players
    .mobcount - show killed mobs

    Jumping system. - learn skill and jump!
    ( more info in game )

    Killer info - After someone kill you, you get all info about your killer.

    To make game more intresting, for killing mobs, Boss, GrandBoss, Players, you get skill for hp/cp bonus!

    TvT - Team vs. Team
    DM - Death Match
    CTF - Capture the Flag

    Chaos event
    Daily Hero Event

    Custom Class Balance:

    Sword muse: Sword muse is a class which can wear only heavy armor and a Sword. Skills added are:
    -Sonic Blaster.
    -Ultimate Evasion.

    Spectral Dancer: Spectral Dancer can wear only heavy armor and Dual Swords. Skills added are:
    -Double Sonic Slash.
    -Ultimate Evasion.

    Hierophant: Hierophant is a weird class, Which can equipp Light or heavy armor and fists, and is mostly based on it's skills. His basic stats are kinda low, but his ultimate skills are many and useful. More detailed:
    -Burning Fists.
    -Battle Roar.
    -Wolf Totem Spirit.
    -Bear Totem Spirit.

    Doomcryer: Doomcryer is a high customized class which can really play in any setup you want. You can use all the armortypes, and you can player either as a Mage or as a Fighter.
    -Ultimate Evasion
    -Battle Roar

    Maestro/Fortune Seeker: This class plays on his classic setup, heavy+axe. However it is a Semi-titan/Semi-tank.
    -Battle Roar
    -Frenzy (level 1)
    -Ultimate Defense (Level 1).

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