L2emi mid/pvp x15 interlude

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    L2Emi Mid/PvP x15 Interlude


    L2Emi - this is a project created by experienced lineage2 players, it's not just a holiday server, this project we want to develop over the years!
    Finally, we are planning to open very very good low rate server. But before that we have to go long way across all types of servers to bring the files to perfection.


    L2 Emi v1.0

    Strona: http://www.l2emi.eu

    Forum: http://www.l2emi.eu/forum

    Exp - x15
    SP - x15
    Party exp/sp - x2
    Adena - x20

    Enchant Rate:
    Enchant Weapon max - +7
    Enchant Armor max - +7
    Enchant Chance - 60%
    Safe: +3

    Server time: UTC+2 (Warsaw/Berlin)
    Main Town - Dion
    Farm - Cruma Tower 1 & 2 Floor [DROPLIST]
    Difficulty Farm level - Mid
    Buff time: 2h
    Buff Slots: 24 + 4
    Offline Shop
    Auto Pickup
    MP Pots 500MP / 5sec
    Cruma champions/boss - Autoflag on hit
    Weight Limit disabled
    Mobs drop only adena. (other drops will be deleted)
    Spawn Protection: 10sec
    Auto learn skills
    Subclass without quest
    Siege every week
    Starting level 20 with D grade Equipment
    RB cannot be Healed
    Enchants, Life Stones, GC in one stock

    Clans & Ally:
    Max 2 clans in Alliance
    Max people in one clan: Retail

    Noblesse: (2 ways like a H5)
    -Caradine Letter (65lvl) in Shop
    -Barakiel Respawn 6h +30min
    -Custom Quest for Staff of Goddess:Rain Song (If you don't want kill Barakiel)

    Period 2 week
    Time retail (6h)

    Castles Siege:
    Available all - Retail like
    Dion reward: Adena/AA/Fragments /1h
    Other castles - Adena /1h

    Cruma Tower:
    1st Floor
    2st Floor
    3st Floor Custom Core with 80 lvl
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    -Custom Quest for Staff of Goddess:Rain Song (If you don't want kill Barakiel)

    Jis nera custom, tiesiog pasirenki kokiu budu nori susirinkt...
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    Beta Server has been closed!

    All Accounts and characters have been deleted!

    Soon we will upload the official patch that will be needed to connect to the LIVE server.

    Registration of new accounts has been launched! ( http://l2emi.eu/ACP/ )
    We encourage you to register accounts early to avoid overloading server on start day!
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    We have a great news for you!
    We want to do a special event where you have the chance to catch up with the rest of the players!
    In Sunday 17.09.2017 at 10:00 we make Maintenance which ends at 14:00, after we will run the event "Second chance".

    Event "Second chance" start 17.09.2017 at 14:00 UTC+2

    All new players recive:
    -Shadow Ring of Baium (non grade) for 3 Hours
    -Premium EXP/SP Rune (EXP/SP +150%) for 6 Hours [It acts like a shadow, if is used time is running, if is not used stopped]
    -Premium Buffer will be free for all players from 14:00 to 22:00 (only on Sunday)
    -Drop/Spoil will be increased by x2 from 16:00 to 00:00 (only on Sunday)
    -3rd Class will be free from 14:00 to 00:00
    -All clans who comes with 20active players receive for free Clan level 5 and 5.000 Rep!

    Additionally on Sunday after maintenance we will also make changes on Server:
    -Exp and SP will be changed from x15 to x30
    -Adena will be changed from x20 to x40

    For time of the event half of Cruma Tower Floor 1 will be protected against PK by Guards:

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