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    START 2017-08-26. 18:00 GMT+3!
    What happens next, when server closes?
    We are working with other server, so that means this server will be closed, and another will be opened.
    So for the last wipe we will make some small updates with server balance, class balance. [It won't be much, we don't want to make disbalance]
    To make game more pleasant, we will make
    a lot more events, games in server, and prepare some missions with rewards.
    Enchant % will be increased.
    Augments % will be also increased.
    All clans will get 8 clan lvl and 100k clan rep!
    [For that you will have to contact Admin/
    GM in game or skype: l2-spirit]
    More farm materials will be added.
    Main Towns will be the same.
    Enjoy Spirit last season to its fullest! Spend last summer days here, make fun, gather your clans and friends and have
    real PvP taste! Feel the spirit of our server!
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