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    Grand opening is scheduled for 22nd of December 2017, at 20:00 UTC+1

    We've decided to open an additional server, independent from beta, which is still open and which we are still working on. It will be typical Christmas server, where those waiting for our low rate could spend their time nicely with marginal grind, lots of PVP and many clever solutions. We hope it will cheer you up a bit and bring some good attitude.

    Exp - x500
    SP - x500
    Adena x500

    -Global GK
    -Full NPC Buffer Feline/Unicorn, Malaria, Resists etc.
    -GM/s up to S grade

    Farm: (Ruins of Despair)
    +Normal Mobs:
    -Jewelry Fragment (for Epic jewellery)
    +Champions: (resp 20min)
    -More Jewelry Fragment (for Epic jewellery)
    -Chance for random Epic jewellery

    Max +16
    Safe +4
    Chance 60%

    -Main Town: Gludio
    -Start lvl 40 and Adena for C grades
    -Sieges evey week, Gludio only (Sunday)
    -Oly starts with the server opening, first Heroes on next Friday (29.12) [Heroes every week]
    -Noblesse - a moment of farm time, no quest required.
    -Mp potions 500MP/3sec
    -Auto MP CP HP
    -Buffs 2h
    -Auto Pick Up
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