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    L2BattleRoyale, is fair and balanced PvP on repeat.

    There is no gameplay other than the different battle royale game modes you can queue for.

    The game engine is developed to run unlimited amounts of different games at the same time in the same or different maps.

    You just queue for a game and as soon as there are enough people in the queue a new game will start.

    The basic idea:

    Giran Town is the Main Server lobby. This is where you can show-off, buy cosmetic items and queue for games.
    The level is always 1 and it doesn't matter.
    There are no NPC monsters or traditional spawns.
    Soulshot and spiritshot are not needed to have a viable class.
    The base stats are the same across all races.
    Armors and accessories are purely cosmetic and don't offer any stats.
    HP, CP and MP are all equal across all races.
    Your stats and skillset is based on the weapon you pickup. (D grade weapon give one spell depending on the weapon time, C grade gives 2 etc.)
    There are currently 4 Weapon classes in the game. Archer, Dagger, Duals, Mage.
    You can only have one weapon on you at a time.
    Unequipping a weapon will drop it.
    Dying will drop your items (Not your cosmetic ones)
    Picking up a weapon while having one equipped will drop it.

    Game stages:

    Once you queue the game waits to see if there are enough players to spin a new game up.
    When there are enough players the engine will teleport them into random locations in the map.
    The blue and white circle appears and a countdown starts. Once the countdown is over the white circle will become the blue one.
    People outside the blue circle take increasing damage over time.
    Look for chest and items and try to find the strongest one to kill your opponents.
    Repeat until there is one person alive.
    Teleport back to the lobby.


    The economy is pretty simple. There is no way to gain any competitive advantage by buying an item.
    Upon finishing a game you gain adena. The amount you get depends on how long you lasted in the game and how many kills you have.
    Adena can be spent on Armors or Accessories (That are purely cosmetic)
    A leaderboard with kills, deaths, wins, etc will be visible for everyone to see.


    2-Man Solo (ONLY FOR TESTING)
    5-10 Man Solo (On the map shown below)
    25 Man Solo (On a bigger map)
    More depending on the demand
    Duo and squads will follow later based on the demand.

    Thanks to @Kara` I was able to do some testing, however I need more people to help me test.

    Testers will receive a unique accessory that only Testers and Helpers can ever have.

    The server will launch some time in early July depending on how the testing and open beta goes.

    It will NEVER have donates that can give any competitive advantage, EVER. You will only be able to donate for cosmetic items, and that's purely for those you will want to support the server.

    (I don't do this to make money)

    Here is a video of a 2-Man Solo game. (This map is for a 10 Man game)


    So yeah that's it. Pure balanced PvP on repeat. Sounds like something you would be interested in?

    Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/cVAQ5Yb

    Fortnite tipo serveris, kas nori gali prisijungti ismeginti.. L2.ini failiuka rasit discord nuorodoje :)

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    Pamačiau niką, ir juoks paimė. :D
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