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    Grand Opening on december 12 at 20.00 (GMT+3 MSK)

    Server INFO

    Server Features:
    •Players from all over the world
    •Events that have no analogue
    •Multi-attack on all types of weapons
    •6 new sets of armor and weapons
    •New jewelry
    •New skills from chronicles Grand Crusade
    •12 pages of rebirth skills
    •Exciting farm zones
    •New raid bosses
    •New instance zones without cooldown
    •Regular instances with cooldown 5 hours
    •Support 24/7
    •And this is not the whole description of the server
    •Farm Elegia and TOP Guns in the new Castle Inst Inst.
    •Community alt+b

    Buffer with the ability to create your own schemes
    Store S grade and other necessary things
    Store for Golden Coin
    Buying clan level from 4 to 11
    Change the appearance of the character
    Sharpening Guns, Armor, Costume jewelry
    Teleportation to all top locations
    Buy SP

    RB respawn 2h +30m , as experience from all RB 200к , which makes them irrelevant for pumping.
    You can sit on sale for gold , the number of cells for sale and purchase is set at maximum
    Maximum level 90
    Minimum level for rebirth 85
    Penalty on experience >11 Lvl
    Attribute gives a significant increase in damage and protection,It's hard to beat it out,but you can buy at the store
    Incrusted things(LS) can be transferred, discard and sell.
    Maximum Portable Weight Modifier X10.
    Sale of tickets for re-entry into the authorities.
    On command. /time server time is displayed
    It's a noblesse for murder RB Barakiel
    Siege every week
    The amount of glory for being in the siege zone of Castle. 1250
    Antaras every Sunday on 20:00
    Valakas every Sunday on 19:00
    Baium every Sunday on 18:00
    Maximum sharpening is increased to 55
    The amount of fame for being in the siege zone of the fortresses was increased to - 62
    The minimum amount of glory for a murder at the enemy fort - 40
    Maximum amount of glory for the murder of the enemy fort - 80
    Disabled drop penalty, if the spell kills the moba/RB is bigger than its lion.
    Show chance of discounts.
    Auto CP,HP,MP (.acp)
    Learning skills in alt + b
    Multi-Attack from level 78

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