L2sw network grand opening 2013/02/08-09

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    Vartotojo apdovanojimai: 15

    Our Website : WWW.L2SW.EU

    2 Servers will be available on test mode till the grand opening

    There Are still Daily Updates!

    Custom Server Information:

    Server Rates:
    RateXp = 10000
    RateSp = 5000
    RatePartyXp = 3
    RatePartySp = 3
    RateDropAdena = 3000

    Enchant Rates:
    Max ++ with Normal Scrolls is +20
    Max ++ with Blessed Scrolls is +20
    Max ++ with Crystal Scrolls is +25
    Chance For Normal Scrolls - 80%
    Chance For Blessed Scrolls - 95%
    Chance For Crystal Scrolls - 100%

    Augment Rates:
    High Level LifeStone 15%
    Top Level LifeStone 25%
    1 Augmentation Per Weapon
    Augmentation Skill Time = 43 Minutes

    Server Info:
    Starting Adena: 2kk
    Starting Level: 40
    Working Olympiad ( 1 Week Period )
    Full Buffer (Buffs Last For 3 Hours)
    Custom Vesper Weapons
    Custom Dark Knight armors
    Custom Hats
    Custom Tattoos
    5 RaidBosses
    S grade From Level 1
    PvP Color System! Name Color Changes At (100) (350) (500) (650) (1000) PvP's
    Killing Spree System! (When a Player Hits an A-beep-t of PvP's an announcement appears)
    Anti Heavy System ( Tanks can't wear Light Armors, Mages can't wear Light,Heavy Armors, Fighters can't wear Heavy Armors)
    WarLegend Aura System ( Hero aura appears after 10 PvP's without dieing)

    NoCustom Server Information:

    NoCustom Server
    Server type PVP
    Rates: 5000x 5000x 50x 10000x
    Enchant Simple: 66%
    Blessed: 100%
    Max weapon/armor 16/18
    Working Olympiad
    GmShop, Buffer.
    Buff time: 9 hours
    No quests (prof, sub, noble etc.)

    More info
    Voice command: .menu - all configs for you!
    .rank - show your rank, also you can check other players
    .mobcount - show killed mobs

    Jumping system. - learn skill and jump!
    ( more info in game )

    Killer info - After someone kill you, you get all info about your killer.

    To make game more intresting, for killing mobs, Boss, GrandBoss, Players, you get skill for hp/cp bonus!
    Information will be updated before the grand opening!

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