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    Sveiki parduodu domena,serverio failus +source topa 6vt

    Server info:

    Server Rates

    Experience: x5000
    Sxperience: x5000
    Adena: x1000

    Enchant Info

    Normal Enchant Scroll: 85%
    Blessed Enchant Scroll 95%
    Crystal Enchant Scroll: 100%

    Blessed Safe +7
    Blessed Max +30
    Crystal Max +40

    Weapon Max +40
    Armor Max +40
    Jewerly Max +40

    Augmentation Info

    High LS Grade: 10%
    Top LS Grade: 15%

    Custom Items

    Epic Dark Armors
    Dynasti Armors
    Armor have same stats
    Vesper Weapons
    Icarus Weapons
    Weapon have same stats

    Hat's with special stats
    New chronicle hat's special stats (Only Donate)

    Custom Npc

    GM Shop
    Donate Shop
    Custom Trader
    Custom Buffer
    Global GateKeeper
    Skill Enchant Manager
    Augument Manager
    Auto Augument Manager
    Class Manager
    Wedding Manager
    Olympiad Manager
    Siege Manager
    Report Manager
    Clan Manager
    Password Changer Manager
    Rebirth Manager
    Casino Manager [24/7]
    Top List
    Boss Info
    Server Info
    Enchant NpC

    General Features

    Extremly easy farm!!
    Super easy enchant items!!
    Raid Bosses with special drop.
    NPC Buffer duration 2 hours ( 100+4 buffs).
    L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection.
    In game you can change password.
    Olympiad period is every week.
    Special Farm/RaidBoss/Small Boss Zone.
    Sieges duration: 90 minutes.
    Scrolls stackable.
    Olympiads full retail work.
    Auto Events every 1hour.
    Death Match - The player to get most kills wins.
    Team vs Team - The good and oldschool TvT event where the team with most kills wins.
    Capture the Flag - Each team need to steal enemy's team flag and bring it back to the flag holder, team with most flags taken wins.
    Server up-time [24/7] [99]%


    .buffshield .repair .stat
    .joinctf .leavectf .ctfinfo
    .joindm .leavedm .dminfo
    .jointvt .leavetvt .tvtinfo


    Main Town
    Farm safe zone
    Farm PvP/Pk zone
    Blessed coin zone
    SmallBoss zone
    Raid Boss zone's


    1.Scarlet van Halisha

    Fully working

    Olympiad start 18:00 end 24:00 hour GMT+3.
    Champion mobs system.
    Olympiad game
    Anti Heavy system.
    Offline Shop system.
    Noblesse System.

    Custom java config:

    # ------------------------------
    # Vote System Ingame -
    # ------------------------------
    NetworkUrl =
    TopzoneUrl =
    HopZoneUrl =

    # The characters will have a choice between 3 rewards.Set id for them
    VoteRewardId1 = 4079
    VoteRewardId2 = 1711
    VoteRewardId3 = 2088

    # Set the amount of each reward.
    VoteRewardAmount1 = 20
    VoteRewardAmount2 = 10000
    VoteRewardAmount3 = 1

    # Set the seconds that the character has
    # until he votes in the site's banners
    SecondsToVote = 45

    # Amount of votes a character must collect
    # in order to get the 4th vote reward
    ExtraRewVoteAm = 20

    # Info of the extra reward item
    VoteRewardId4 = 6673
    VoteRewardAmount4 = 1

    Class ir skill balanceris

    #kas kiek laiko sekundem updeitins balanco pakeitimus(čia 5min)
    ClassBalancerUpdateDelay = 20
    SkillsBalancerUpdateDelay = 20
    #tipo ar antrai profkei darys efekta
    ClassBalancerAffectSecondProffesion = true
    SkillsBalancerAffectSecondProffesion = true
    #ar monstram dmg keisis, kažkas tokio
    ClassBalancerAffectMonsters = false
    SkillsBalancerAffectMonsters = false

    #max cc grazinimas
    MaxCancelledBuffs = 5
    CancellationReturnTime = 6
    #Sleep/Trance 4-6s random
    Sleep = 4-6
    Root = 4-6
    #Slows/Mass Slows/Seal of Slow 4-6s random
    Slow = 4-6
    #Stuns/Bluff/Shield stun/stun shot/stunning fist 4-6s random
    Stun = 4-6
    #Anchor/Curse Chaos/Curse of Abyss/Curse of Doom/
    #Hex/Mass Block Shield/Mass Block Wind Walk/Mass Gloom/
    #Seal of Silence/Seal of Suspension/Silence/Seal of Silence 5-8s random
    Curse1 = 5-8
    #Dark Vortex/Curse Gloom/Fire Vortex/Ice Vortex
    #/Light Vortex/Seal of Despair/Seal of Winter/Wind Vortex
    #/Fire Vortex/All surender 6-10s random
    Curse2 = 6-10
    #Augument debuff laikytu 4-6s random(Tokie kaip pvz medusa,paralyze,sleep)
    Augment = 4-6

    skype: lineage2opium
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