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L2jOrion Rev 1 [Fixed link]

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L2jOrion Rev 1 [Fixed link]

About pack in short:
All updates/fixes were making based L2OFF information and on l2jserver platform which was 99% re-worked and became L2jOrion platform.
The pack has mixed features which were taken from other packs or made myself. So, don't be surprised if you're gonna see something similar to other packs. Also, this pack was used for low rates server and worked perfect. Well, i could say with these files would be possible to launch low or high rates servers by all features. Enjoy, guys.
Dydis: 22 Mb
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Crap not files, no source, based on l2jfrozen, dont use that sht :)

Autorius: HmD

29 Lapkričio 2018 16:41

Mate, you don't even imagine how much things were here done. :)
Try to check it and you will be surprised. ;)

Autorius: Damon

30 Lapkričio 2018 09:01

I have tryed. Its a crap :)

Autorius: HmD

2 Gruodžio 2018 09:48

Yeah? Tell me at least 1 reason what was so wrong? :)

Autorius: Damon

3 Gruodžio 2018 00:32


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