Prisijungimas Registracija

Statusų (stat) komandos ir pridėjimas

Statusu (stat) pridėjimas ir komandos

Komandos tinkančios pridėti statusus prie įtemų (armor/weapon/etc)

<add val='50' order='0x40' stat='DEX'/>
<add val='30' order='0x40' stat='STR'/>
<mul val='1.50' order='0x30' stat='pAtkSpd'/>
<mul val='1.50' order='0x20' stat='mAtk'/>
<mul val='1.40' order='0x20' stat='maxHp'/>
<mul val='1.25' order='0x40' stat='rCrit'/>
<add val="98" order="0x40" stat='runSpd'/>
<mul val='1.50' order='0x20' stat='mDef'/>
<mul val='1.50' order='0x20' stat='pAtk'/>
<add val='30' order='0x40' stat='MEN'/>
<add val='30' order='0x40' stat='WIT'/>
<add val='30' order='0x40' stat='INT'/>
<mul val='1.50' order='0x20' stat='mAtkSpd'/>
<add val='80' order='0x40' stat='rEvas'/>
<mul val='1.80' order='0x20' stat='maxMp'/>
<add val='5' order='0x40' stat='CON'/>
<add val='15' order='0x40' stat='reflectDam'/>
<mul val='1.80' order='0x30' stat='stunVuln'/>
<mul val='1.80' order='0x30' stat='rootVuln'/>
<mul val='1.80' order='0x30' stat='sleepVuln'/>

Statistikos pridejimas Procentais (%)
Value Final %

2.0 +100%     
1.90 +90%
1.80 +80%
1.70 +70%
1.60 +60%
1.50 +50%
1.40 +40%
1.30 +30%
1.20 +20%
1.10 +10%
1.0 0%
0.90 -10%
0.80 -20%
0.70 -30%
0.60 -40%
0.50 -50%
0.40 -60%
0.30 -70%
0.20 -80%
0.10 -90%
0.0 -100%


Maximum HP - maxHp
Maximum CP - maxCp
Maximum MP - maxMp
HP Regeneration - regHp
CP Regeneration - regCp
MP Regeneration - regMp
Heal Effectivness - gainHp
Heal Proficiency - giveHp
Heal Bonus - bonusHp

Attack & Defence
Power Defence - pDef
Magic Defence - mDef
Power Attack - pAtk
Magic Attack - mAtk
(Power) Attack Speed - pAtkSpd
(Magic) Attack Speed - mAtkSpd
Magic Reuse - mReuse (how fast spells becomes ready to reuse)
Shield Defence - sDef
Shield Defence Angle - shieldDefAngle
Critical Damage - cAtk
Critical Damage(add) - cAtkAdd ( in a critical attack give you +patk,,,,, example mods:crit power,crit damage SA )

PvP Bonus
Physical Damage - pvpPhysDmg
Magical Damage - pvpMagicalDmg
Physical Skill Dmg. - pvpPhysSkillsDmg

Atk. & Def. rates
Evasion - rEvas
Power Skill Evasion - pSkillEvas
Shield Rate - rShld
Critical Rate - rCrit
Blow Rate - blowRate
Lethal Rate - lethalRate
Magic Critical Rate - mCritRate (mCrit doesn't work!!)
EXP,SP Rate - rExp
Cancel attacks - cancel

Accuracy and Range
Accuracy - accCombat
Attack Range - pAtkRange (for fighters)
Attack Range - mAtkRange (for mages)
Attack Angle - pAtkAngle (for fighters)
Attack Count Max - atkCountMax (example:if you use pole you can attack more monster than normal)
Attack Reuse - atkReuse (make bows hit simple hits way slower and will not affect skills)

Run Speed - runSpd
Walk Speed - walkSpd

STR - STR (Physical power,physical skill's crit rate)
DEX - DEX (Atk. spd., physical skill spd, accuracy, evasion, critical hit rate, dagger skill'z success (such as deadly dlow), shield block rate and run spd)
WIT - WIT (Magic critical rate, casting spd, resistance to hold, curses (such as HP regeneration,decreased HP recovery rate, skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).
INT - INT (magic dmg)
MEN - MEN (magic defense,max Mp, mp recovery speed, poison resistance, poison resist., concentration)

Weapon resist
noneWpnVuln - Shields

Resistances, vulnerability
Aggression - aggressionVuln
cenzuraed - cenzuraedVuln
Poison - poisonVuln
Stun - stunVuln
Hold,Root,ETC. - rootVuln
Sleep - sleepVuln
Confusion -confusionVuln
Movement - movementVuln
fire - fireVuln
wind - windVuln
water - waterVuln
earth - earthVuln
holy - holyVuln
dark - darkVuln
cancel - cancelVuln (resist. for cancel skills)
debuff - debuffVuln
Critical - critVuln (resistence to Crit dmg.)

Reflect Damage Percent - reflectDam (pay attention! not reflectDmg!! reflectDam)
Absorbs Damage Percent - absorbDam
Transfer Damage Percent - transDam
Reflect Skill Magic - reflectSkillMagic
Reflect Skill Physical - reflectSkillPhysic

Patk;Pdef against monster types:

More patk to giants - pAtk-giants
More patk to undead - pAtk-undead
More pdef against animals - pDef-animals
More pdef against monsters - pDef-monsters

Inv. Limit - inventoryLimit
WH. Limit - whLimit
Freight L. - FreightLimit
Private Sell L. - PrivateSellLimit
Private Buy L. - PrivateBuyLimit
Rec. Dwarf L. - DwarfRecipeLimit
Rec. Common L. - CommonRecipeLimit

Consume Rates
Phys. Mp. Consume Rate - PhysicalMpConsumeRate
Magical Mp. Consume Rate - MagicalMpConsumeRate
Dance Mp. Consume Rate - DanceMpConsumeRate
Hp. Consume Rate - HpConsumeRate
Mp. Consume - MpConsume
Soulshot count - soulShotCount

0x08 - to set
0x10 - to add/sub (weapon, armor, jewelery) & (STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIT ,MEN)
0x20 - don't use it (used by hard coded formulas)
0x30 - to mul/div (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's, Armors_bonus)
0x40 - to add/sub (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's)
0x50,0x60 - not need


Jei nori pridėti prie armorų +3 evasion:

<item id='10177' name="Black Half-Mask">
<add val='3' order='0x40' stat='rEvas'/>

Jei nori pridėti prie weaponų 20% Heal:

<item id='8190' name="demonic_sword_zariche">
<set val='361' order='0x08' stat='pAtk'/>
<set val='137' order='0x08' stat='mAtk'/>
<set val='12' order='0x08' stat='rCrit'/>
<add val='0' order='0x10' stat='accCombat'/>
<set val='325' order='0x08' stat='pAtkSpd'/>
<enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='pAtk'/>
<enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='mAtk'/>
<mul val='1.20' order='0x30' stat='maxHp'/>